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Brilliant's team of swag experts can help outfit your company with the most engagement-inducing products and our feature- rich tech tools will make attending 100 events coast-to-coast as easy as Basket Weaving 101.

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Brilliant Makes OCR Gifting A Breeze

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Stay top of mind with memorable gifts long after you leave the career fair.

Brilliant’s team of trend spotters stay on top of what products are hot for on campus recruiting for students at all stages in their education.

From booth swag to offer acceptance gifts, we have you covered from idea to delivery.

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Desk Kit

Never Ask For a Sweatshirt Size Again

Brilliant’s Preferred Gift tool makes it so easy to send gifts to your recruits. Capture mailing addresses, sizing, or offer candidates a choice in their gift. Each Preferred Gift page is customized for each project. Brilliant helps ensure you get the most out of your budget - track responses to ensure you order just the swag you need.

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Store and ship your swag wherever and whenever you need it.

Brilliant's Storefront platform allows you to easily store your products in our centrally located warehouse and access them whenever you need. We can easily accept leftover products from recruiting events at no extra charge - helping you reduce waste and ensuring you get the most out of your swag!

✓ Keep it private or make it public
✓ Custom design options
✓ 48-hour fulfillment
✓ Dedicated customer support
✓ Economical global shipping

✓ Real time inventory tracking
✓ Budget tools to keep finance happy
✓ Order tracking
✓ Super simple re-orders

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