Reach Your Clients, Prospects and Team at Home with Strategic Gifting

Our in-person meetings and events got cancelled, too. We wanted to reach out with some strategies and tools to help your company maintain momentum, inspire and continue to thrive wherever you are.

Surprise & Delight, Remotely

Many of your prospects and clients will be working from home over the coming weeks, but you can still connect, keep your pipeline healthy and move your business forward with thoughtful, useful gifts.

Our Preferred Gift tool makes it easy to connect with clients and prospects wherever they are working. Easily collect home addresses while giving a personal gifting experience. We can quickly launch a custom landing page, and reach out to your recipients with a branded email on behalf of you and your company.

Preferred Gift also includes a powerful analytics dashboard so you can track opens, clicks and conversions, and ultimately measure the ROI of your campaigns.

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Craft a Thoughtful Campaign

Our team of Creative Partners is standing by to help you craft a creative, sensitive gifting campaign that aligns your goals and brand with an appropriate gift.

Here are some of our favorite strategies to keep in mind to help you create a direct mail campaign that will resonate:

  • Be empathetic, be authentic.

    Take a moment to really empathize with your audience. They may be working from home for the first time, or newly managing a whole team remotely. Their kids may be home from school and needing attention and love, or they may be caring for a family member or housemate. Their personal plans have been disrupted. They are now faced with rapidly shifting priorities at work. Work with your Creative Partner to consider these circumstances as you zero in on a genuine gift package.

  • Play the long game.

    You don't always need a call to action, and sometimes it can backfire. Many companies are still making major adjustments as they settle into a new normal, and your contacts are very busy navigating those changes. Gently letting an important contact know that you are thinking of them is enough to keep your brand top-of-mind, and a thoughtful gift will remind them of you long after it is delivered.

  • Consider unbranded gifts.

    Unbranded gifts are a gracious, tactful choice for at-home gifting campaigns. For example, send a local-to-you coffee brand (we will help source!) with some subtly branded mugs, a best-selling cookbook with a high-end knife set, or a Kindle wrapped in a branded bellyband. Choosing a top-quality and useful gift means your recipient will remember you and the gifting experience fondly, even without your logo permanently emblazoned.

  • Offer a choice.

    The best gift to receive is something you really want, and one size rarely fits all. Offer your recipient a choice, be it between two themed gift kits, coffee or tea, or whether they want to receive a gift or make a donation. Preferred Gift makes it easy and seamless to incorporate choice into the direct mail gifting experience.

  • Measure your success.

    Don't forget this important piece of the puzzle. Gifting is not a black box. Gifts do have an ROI, and it can be measured! Brilliant works regularly with our clients to ensure the results of their direct mail campaigns are measurable so you can fully appreciate the impact of your investment and improve on success with each send.

Information Capture

Cooking at Home Kit

Fulfillment Services

Virtual Coffee Meeting

Report and tracking on deliveries

Binge Watching Necessities

We’re currently building campaigns for clients around themes like Cooking at Home, Virtual Coffee Meeting, At Home Fitness, Games and Activities and For the Whole Family. Check out our Outreach At Home Lookbook and WFH Essentials Lookbook for a little inspiration.

Outreach At Home Lookbook

Leave the Logistics to Us!

Kit & Fulfill Our team can handle the physical logistics of your direct mail program with a personal touch. Be sure to consider custom packaging and handwritten cards when building out your direct mail program.

Full Steam Ahead! Our shipping partners, factories and warehouses are up and running at full capacity with increased focus on sanitation, cleanliness and proper social distancing.

Report and tracking on deliveries

We are here for you

Please let us know how we can partner with you. Our all-remote team is working closely with our clients in sales, marketing and HR on timely direct mail campaigns.

Click on Start a Project to get started, or reach out to us at We would love to help you create and deploy a thoughtful, memorable direct mail campaign.

Stay tuned for more resources and content

We have several features planned including:

Gifting Strategies Webinar. We are scheduling a webinar around surviving and thriving in this disruption with gifting strategies - dates and times to come!

Maximizing Productivity During Downtime. We’ll be reaching out with some specific ideas around gifting strategy planning for our clients who want to be proactive during a lull in their normal work activities.

Wishing you and your team health, serenity and productivity.