The best of both worlds. Oversee all your brand’s merch and give teams independent access to choose and order their own products, without investing up-front in inventory.

Signed-Off Swag

A company store where teams can select and buy products from a pre-approved list of merchandise. So you'll know your team's swag will be perfect, every single time.

Uphold your brand

Products are an extension of your brand. Make sure all your swag -- each design, each item -- is up to par with consistent branding. Product selection and designs are pre-approved to ensure brand standards and values are never compromised.

Complete control, automated requests

Prevent unauthorized purchases by delegating approval privileges to team managers. So you can be hands-off but totally in control.

Manage your budgets

No more messy spreadsheets or confusing email threads. Merch Portal purchases are automatically allocated to specific budgets.

Offer a wider array of products with no risk or cost

No inventory worries or outlay

Products are produced as needed and can be shipped anywhere, globally, directly from the factory

Set prices

Pre-agreed prices make it easy for teams to buy any product with just a few clicks


How it Works

  1. Curate a catalog of branded products with your Creative Partner
  2. Refine and narrow product selections
  3. Finalize color choices and designs
  4. Check samples in person to review quality, design and functionality
  5. Determine set pricing for each item
  6. Configure your access, approval and accounting preferences
  7. Invite team members to the Platform
  8. Kick back and let the swag roll in

Stop guessing what your team needs

Bespoke packaging
Hands Off
  • Invite your team to your platform and let members choose what products to buy, whenever they want
Robust Controls
  • Teams can provide required information, like purpose, department or cost center
  • Easy-to-use online interface lets teams understand costs and buy with just a few clicks
  • Use monthly statements to seamlessly assign charges to the correct budgets within your company
Easy Online Shop
  • Products are produced as they are ordered and approved
  • Orders ship to anywhere in the world

Keep your brand tight, without lifting a finger

Pre-select every product

Touch and feel samples for quality.

A better workflow + less work for you

No more surveys, spreadsheets, Google Forms and confusion.

Brand standards all the way

No mutant logos, no rogue colors.

Your team will thank you

Teams will rejoice to have choice and control.


Control who can buy and who gets charged

  • Select approvers for swag purchases
  • Designate which department or budget to bill
  • Gather any required information before each order is placed
  • Set and control budgets for different people or teams

Superstar Visibility


Keep an eye on what products are popular


Real-time reporting with order details and costs


Understand spending and stick to budgets


Realtime shipment tracking, in the US and around the world

No brand risk, no inventory risk, no worries

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