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Getting the Most Out of Your Corporate Gifting Budget (All the Time)

We are all aware of the realities of the world, whether your budget has been cut or three more people have to approve an expense, we know the challenges are increasing for you to spend on employee and client engagement via gifting.

The truth is, Brilliant has always been looking out for our clients’ backs on costs. We’re here to help as we’ve learned a thing or two about being cost-efficient and budget-friendly. Heading into the year-end gifting season, our Creative Partners share some of their best advice for strategically saving. 

Keep it Small & Light

There are multiple factors that go into calculating shipping costs like the weight and size of the package being sent. An easy way to mitigate that cost is by choosing the right products. Items that are flat or foldable (i.e. notebooks & t-shirts) are perfect for a poly mailer - the lightest of packaging! While totes, sticker sheets, and headwear are the ideal products for a small box. 

Our fulfillment team is great at getting creative with boxing products and kits, but the best way to keep individual, and bulk, shipping down is by picking products that are light and can get small. 

Order In Bulk 

Product pricing breaks are a wonderful thing that can, and should, be utilized. The science behind it is pretty simple, the more product you buy the less the product costs per unit. So, let’s put this into practice. If a t-shirt you are interested in costs $40 for 36 - 49 t-shirts, or costs $32 for 50 - 74 pieces it might make more sense to bump up your quantity to hit that 50 mark. 

We’ve found that it’s always nice to have a few extras on hand for new team members, or potentially someone who was late to the ordering party. HOT TIP: some of our products have even higher quantity breaks than what’s on the individual product page. Don’t hesitate to ask your dedicated team for that cost if you are interested. 

Product Decoration

Without getting too in the weeds… here’s a little peek behind the curtain into decoration pricing. Any time a color is added to a design or a product receives a second or third design location that increases the cost per unit. The decoration method (i.e. print, laser-engraving, embroidery, etc.) can also impact the unit price. 

If you have the flexibility, picking a one-color and one-location decoration method is your best bet at saving. With that being said, we understand that’s not always the case based on your company or campaign, and our team is here to help find solutions. 

One solution that we’ve seen work well is putting more unique and intricate designs around packaging items that are usually a one-price-fits-all and keeping the products in the kit to that one-color and one-location decoration.

Ordering Accurately 

Figuring out the exact number of gifts that are needed can be a headache, but over-purchasing can hurt your budget and our environment. A great way to get an accurate count is by running one of our preferred gift pages. This page is completely custom to your brand/campaign look and feel, and it gives you the opportunity to 1) get an exact count of individuals 2) collect preferences like apparel sizing 3) receive the most accurate shipping address to not only ensure your recipient is receiving their gift but to also cut back on any shipping costs associated with address changes. 

This is just a bit of advice, but as you’ll see or as you’ve seen, our team thrives on finding unique workarounds and tips to help our clients succeed in their gifting goals.

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