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Gift with Confidence this Holiday Season

Ok, you’ve just been tasked with getting holiday gifts for the company this year. Whether you’ve got 100 employees or 10,000, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. The gift, the addresses, the logistics, the budget…it’s a lot. The old, “normal” process would be to make a single gift or kit decision, count how many you need, order and ship them to your office for distribution. Well, normal is out the door these days. 

What if you could get the recipient to do most of the work for you? No, don’t leave! I’m being serious. We’ve got some ideas for you to create an amazing experience for your recipients because they will play an active role in their gift, ensuring they actually want the gift they received. 

Know before you order

Much of the stress of finding that perfect gift everyone has their own unique preferences. Distilling these gift preferences of thousands of people is . . .let’s call it what it is . . . impossible. Then you order a mass quantity of said gift and hope everyone enjoys and appreciates it. 

Another (read: “better”) route is to create a few gift options that hit on different preferences and let the recipient choose. Once you have all of the preferences collected, you can order that perfect gift/those exact gifts and you know it’s going to delight each and every one. Our Preferred Gift solution can help make this dream come true. 

Personalization at scale

Another way you can have confidence that your recipients will be delighted in their gift is to tap into personalization. We know that seems daunting, but let your recipients help you!

Similar to getting their preferred gift, you can collect that information during the selection process to make the gift even more special. Size information, monogram, favorite animal, astrology sign - all things you can collect (within reason of course) to bring that perfect touch of thoughtfulness and create that made-just-for-you feeling. You could dig into your HRIS and try to find this information on your own and make some guesses, but there’s an easier way. Our Preferred Gift page can easily be modified to ask for this information from the recipient and translated right to the gifts that they will be receiving. 

Create a gifting experience that starts before the gift even ships

There are lots of ways to use our Preferred Gift tool to help build up excitement (engagement) before the unboxing moment. It’s all about creating additional touch-points, and providing a consistent experience throughout, and it all adds up to just the right amount of magic to make your gift resonate, be adored, and be remembered.

Hopefully these are some helpful tips to make that gifting project seem a lot less stressful now. If there’s something we can help you with just shoot us a note at!

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