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From recruitment gifts to 25th work-iversary recognition, Brilliant can easily help your team feel the love with branded gifts that bring your culture to life. Easily send gifts around the world, track inventory, and manage your budgets (oh, and get that swag out of the file cabinet). Oh, and we can do this all through a seamless integration with your HRIS of choice!

Brilliant Makes HR Gifting A Breeze

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Elevate Your Employer Brand With Memorable Gifts

Brilliant’s team of trend spotters stay on top of what products are hot for new hire gifts, team giveaways, and anniversary rewards. With your input, we’ll create gifts that will resonate with your team.

We offer complete fulfillment from our centrally located warehouse plus premium gifting touches, like custom tissue paper and beautifully designed boxes to add to the thrill of the gift - creating experiences that turn employees into evangelists.

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Never Ask For a Sweatshirt Size Again

Brilliant’s Preferred Gift tool makes it so easy to send gifts to your team. Capture the mailing address of your candidate, the sweatshirt size for a new hire gift recipients, or give your team a choice in their gift. Each Preferred Gift page is customized for each project. Brilliant helps ensure you get the most out of your budget - track responses to ensure you order just the swag you need.

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Our clients love having their company stores powered by Brilliant.

A delightful experience from start to finish for gift recipients, and powerful customization and unbridled simplicity for you. Our customizable and modern e-commerce stores are paired with our storage and fulfillment capabilities, add in Brilliant’s expert product curation and <chef’s kiss> you’re making your employees feel rewarded and engaged. Use storefront to send new hire gifts, redeem employee rewards, entice new recruits, etc.

✓ Keep it private or make it public
✓ Custom design options
✓ 48-hour fulfillment
✓ Dedicated customer support
✓ Economical global shipping

✓ Real time inventory tracking
✓ Budget tools to keep finance happy
✓ Order tracking
✓ Super simple re-orders

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HRIS Integration

Automate consistent employee gifting

Brilliant can connect to your HRIS of choice, empowering you to automate employee gifting. Reducing your workload, while engaging and delighting your team! Integration with many of the top HRIS systems, including Workday, Rippling, Paylocity, BambooHR, ADP and many more.

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