Brilliant Elevates Robinhood's IPO Celebration with Exceptional Brand Merchandise

In late July 2021, Menlo Park, CA-based Robinhood, a pioneering financial technology company enabling consumers to seamlessly trade stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies via a user-friendly app, made waves with its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO). To amplify the excitement surrounding this milestone event, Robinhood orchestrated a series of brand activations, including an unforgettable presence on Wall Street in New York City and simultaneous celebrations across multiple states. In tandem with the IPO, Robinhood partnered with Brilliant, a San Francisco-based creative partner renowned for its expertise in sourcing premium branded products, to enhance the event experience and engage attendees with captivating merchandise.


As Robinhood aimed to commemorate its monumental arrival at the New York Stock Exchange, the challenge was multifaceted. Firstly, there was the task of curating a diverse selection of branded merchandise that would captivate attendees and reflect the company's innovative spirit. Secondly, the logistics of managing multiple activations across different states added complexity to the endeavor. From coordinating shipments to ensuring timely delivery of branded items to each location, the logistics aspect presented a significant challenge. Recognizing the importance of these endeavors, Robinhood turned to Brilliant, known for its ability to deliver innovative solutions in the realm of branded merchandise and navigate logistical challenges seamlessly.

“They received an incredible amount of social media impressions, helping to further generate excitement around a meaningful experience and successful opening day.”
Tommy Gomez, Account Director at Brilliant.


Brilliant embraced the challenge by collaborating closely with Robinhood to curate a dynamic assortment of merchandise that would commemorate the company's historic milestone. From exclusive "Market Caps'' in both flat-bill style from Weld MFG and vintage style from Paramount Headwear, to stylish key tags from Various Keytags, hoodies from Everybody.World, and totes in two styles from BAGGU, Brilliant ensured each product reflected Robinhood's identity and mission of democratizing finance for all. Drawing from its extensive network of suppliers and creative expertise, Brilliant introduced a variety of complementary products and colorways to infuse the activations with vibrancy and excitement. While the main activation took place in NYC, related celebrations were held the same day in Arizona, California, Washington D.C., and Florida, where street teams distributed items to the public. Brilliant meticulously managed the procurement and logistics, ensuring timely delivery of over 1,500 branded items to each activation location ahead of the single-day celebrations.


The partnership between Robinhood and Brilliant yielded resounding success, enhancing the overall event experience and amplifying Robinhood's message. Attendees were encouraged to take photos during the activations, showcasing their new Robinhood merchandise and contributing to over 100,000 media impressions. This engagement not only bolstered Robinhood's presence in the fintech industry but also generated excitement around the successful IPO celebration. Through their role in sourcing and providing premium branded merchandise, Brilliant played a crucial part in elevating Robinhood's event, reinforcing the company's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in finance.

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