Brilliant Automations
for People Teams

Create personalized and memorable moments, easier than ever, with Brilliant's automations for HR.

Whatever HR software tools your organization uses-we can tap into-for powerful, automated gifting.
It's crazy efficient, without the crazy headache.

Popular Automations for HR Teams

Give a warm welcome

Make a great first impression with standardized new hire kits sent automatically to all employees on their start date.
Try it with: BambooHR

Celebrate a milestone

Automatically trigger a gift send when an employee reaches a workiversary to express appreciation.
Try it with: Rippling

Boost recognition & rewards

Offer unique branded gifts and swag in your company rewards program to drive motivation and foster team morale.
Try it with: Bonusly

Recruit top talent

Top candidates are in high demand. Tip the odds in your favor and seal the deal on an offer letter with a thoughtful note and gift sent at just the right time.
Try it with: Workday

More Reasons To Go Brilliant

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Brilliant Bonus

Integrating with Brilliant means you'll gain access to all our impressive bells and whistles - including our sleek Storefront, Preferred Gift Campaigns, and amazing tracking and inventory notifications.

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We work with our clients hand in hand to develop custom automations that fully leverage the power of the tools and software you're already using.

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All Love,
No Drama

Uh oh. Did Finance get anniversary gifts while IT got nada? Instead of leaving it up to individual managers to celebrate, we'll help you create a consistent employee experience that everyone will love.

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Measure the impact of recognition efforts, evaluate budget allocation, and keep tabs on ROl with integrated reporting in Brilliant.

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