Preferred Gift

The secure, streamlined way to collect preferences and recipient information for all your gift orders

No more guessing at sizes or messy spreadsheets. Preferred Gift Campaigns allow you to collect your recipients' address info, size preference, and more, with just an email address.

How it works:

From inbox to mailbox, in just a few clicks.
  1. Recipient receives an email with a link to claim their gift
  2. Choose from gift options, select size, color preference, etc.
  3. Provide mailing address
  4. Brilliant takes care of the rest!

Not just a pretty interface...

Preferred Gift Campaigns allow you to easily view and measure your success
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Quicker Insights

Store users can view budget and available balance for individual campaigns at a glance.

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Realtime Data

Track performance stats like email opens, clicks, and form completions from your metrics dashboard.

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Zoom In, Zoom Out

Monitor aggregated engagement rates and see individual responses, all at your fingertips.

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Compare and Split Test

Compare multiple campaigns to analyze engagement by segment, occasion, gift and more.

You’re Welcome!

Recipients will be able to send thank you notes once they've received their gifts. So whether it's a long, sappy note or a quick, snappy emoji, you can find all the love from in your dashboard.

More Preferred Gift Campaign Benefits

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Branded for You

Your logo, your graphics, and your message for a beautiful custom-branded gifting experience.

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Saved Preferences

Brilliant will save your recipients' preferences and addresses for quicker future gifting.

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More Ways to Share

Generate a unique URL to share directly with your recipients, or let Brilliant handle it, with just an email address.

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Fully Automated Fulfillment

Using your recipients' preferences, gifts are fulfilled directly from Brilliant.


What type of information can you collect with preferred gift?

Preferred Gift allows you to collect a wide range of information. You can gather the recipient's address, offer various gift options for them to choose from, and specify details such as sizes for apparel gifts, color preferences, and technology specifications (like Android or iPhone for smartphone accessories).

Additionally, Preferred Gift enables you to streamline your recipientlist by ensuring that you only send gifts to those who actually want to receive them.

How does brilliant store recipient data?
What is your security policy?

At Brilliant, we prioritize the security of your data. We employ top-tier security measures for all data storage, partnering with SOC, ISO, and Privacy Shield compliant hosting and SaaS providers. Our storage systems utilize end-to-end encryption, both at rest and in transit. Moreover, we strictly adhere to industry-standard policies for employee, contractor, and information security.

To learn more about our comprehensive security program, please reach out to

What parts of the preferred gift experience
Can be customized?

With Preferred Gift, almost every aspect can be customized to fit your preferences. You have the flexibility to personalize the appearance, tone, and content of the invitation email, as well as the URLs for the preference collection page and thank you page.

Furthermore, we can configure your Preferred Gift form to restrict access only to invited respondents or make it accessible to anyone with the URL.

Does brilliant handle email communications with my recipients or can I manage it myself?

We are more than happy to handle email communications on your behalf. By allowing us to send the emails, you can benefit from tracking open rates through our metrics dashboard.Simply provide recipient email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, some of our clients prefer to generate their own unique Preferred Gift URLs to distribute directly, or through other channels, such as social media.

Are there ways to make preferred gift more interactive?

Absolutely! Preferred Gift offers several interactive features:

1) You can require respondents to watch a video before providing their gift preferences.
This can be a valuable tool for sharing a brief demo, sales video, or other important message with your respondents.

2) You can also incorporate activities such as scheduling a meeting or gathering feedback as part of the Preferred Gift process. This adds an interactive element to engage your recipients further.

Let’s make something Brilliant together.

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