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Brilliant is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030 by focusing on reduction, sourcing responsibly, offsetting emissions, and continuing to operate sustainable internal business practices.

100% Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Every package you send through Brilliant (excluding freight) is 100% carbon-neutral through our shipping partner EasyPost. Carbon emissions are automatically calculated for each parcel, and offset through the purchase of carbon credits from certified decarbonization projects, at no additional cost to you.

Fewer, Better Gifts

It doesn’t matter how eco-friendly your gift is if it ends up in the trash. That’s why we believe that conscious gifting starts with choosing high quality, thoughtful gifts that people are actually excited to receive. Further, by allowing people to choose their gift preferences, or donate unwanted gifts through our Preferred Gifting program, we reduce unnecessary waste upfront.

In-House Efficiencies

In our warehouses we prioritize high efficiency lighting, reuse materials, and use sustainable packaging whenever possible. Of course, when it comes to sustainability, what you’re not doing can be just as important as the things you are. Our non-fulfillment team has always operated remote-first, helping us stay green by reducing energy consumption and eliminating emissions due to commuting.

Clean Contributions

We’re proud to contribute to environmental projects that counteract our company’s emissions, such as the Clean Air Task Force, whose mission it is to safeguard the planet against the impacts of climate change.

More Ways We Support Sustainability

Gift Global, Ship Local.

Our global warehouse network enables local shipping, reducing distance and emissions compared to overseas shipping.

Source Responsibly

We continue to prioritize adding ethically sourced products from sustainable vendors, as well as those that support social initiatives, to our portfolio.

No Products Left Behind

Although we work carefully to only buy as much product as needed for each individual project, we offer free donation of unused products to local shelters if needed.

Stash it, Don’t Trash it.

Rather than dumping signage, booth materials, and unused collateral after an event, we offer inexpensive storage and inventory management so you can use it again next time.

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