Convert leads into clients with well-executed physical gifts that cut through the digital clutter.

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Collaborate with your Creative Partner to create packages that will drive conversion and increase retention.

Your Creative Partner is an expert in executing tactile marketing campaigns, and can help you identify the right product, design the perfect branding, and complete the package with targeted collateral and custom packaging.

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A dedicated point of contact

Work with the same talented Creative Partner on all of your projects

Industry know-how

Expertise in branded products, retail trends, design and tactile marketing campaign development

In-house design team

Shake up your brand standards, free up internal resources, and meet production deadlines quickly


Send gifts directly in Salesforce

  • Collaborate on gifts

    Work with your Creative Partner to choose, create and brand gift packages.

  • Send gifts in a few clicks

    Salesforce users simply choose a lead or contact, select a gift to send, customize the gift message, and hit "Send Gift."

  • Stay notified

    Senders can receive notifications by email, Slack, or Salesforce Task when their shipments are delivered, so they can follow up with recipients in a timely manner.

  • Measure your success

    Rest easy knowing your sales team has everything they need to drive prospect conversion and increase client retention


Leave logistics to the experts

Quality branded products

Branded merchandise is a major investment for your company, yet storing and tracking it is often an afterthought.

Better branded products belong in Storefront

We’ll store and track your inventory for you, giving you real-time access to product counts, and the ability to easily ship items anywhere on earth with just a few clicks.

More Control

Powered by our proprietary online software, you can delegate access to team members, set budgets and designate approvers, and easily view reports and data related to product usage.

Brilliant clients use Storefront to manage sales team giveaways, new hire kits, client milestone gifting programs, gift with purchase programs, online public pop-up shops, employee rewards stores and more.

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Worry Less

Inventory at hand

Keep all your favorite products in-stock and ready for last-minute events and campaigns

No more mail runs

Stop wasting time and struggling with trips to the post office

Control access and budgets

Highly configurable platform lets you delegate as much as you want

Reap the Benefits

Volume pricing discounts

Buy as much as you'll need in advance to get the best prices

Share inventory within or between teams

Detailed monthly statements and accounting configurations make it easy

Ship on time, anywhere around the world

Storefront includes access to our warehouses with global reach


Full Access and Better Control

  • Tracking and delivery notification

    Realtime shipment statuses and delivery notifications available via email, Slack and via Salesforce tasks

  • Robust administrative options

    Control user access, designate admins, and manage budgets at a granular level

  • Reporting and analytics

    Measure the impact of your swag program on metrics like opportunities, revenue and more

Frictionless Workflow

Customized Gifts store within your Salesforce integration, so your team's workflow won't change

Know it All

Get shipping and delivery notifications within Salesforce, via email and Slack

Salesforce Compatibility

Compatible with the Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions

Need help navigating your Brilliant for Salesforce? Check out ourHelp Center for common questions.

Our Salesforce Integration is optional and you can still send gifts without using it. Clients who send gifts without Salesforce can send gifts in batches or through our web-based store portal.

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