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Send and track gifts in your sales funnel seamlessly with our customizable Salesforce automation
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No swag is better than bad swag. And as trusted brand shepherds for our clients, we handle every project with dedication to and respect for your brand standards, from small events to large company-wide initiatives.

Batch Gifting

Whether you’re sending many gifts all at once or executing a gifting campaign over time, batch gifting ensures a cohesive experience for all recipients, and makes it easy to track results and ROI.

One-to-One Gifting

Send a one-off gift when the time is right, and track it all in Salesforce. Create a culture of thoughtful gifting within your team and take client relationships to the next level by celebrating milestones and making personal connections through physical gifts.

Reporting & ROI

Track and measure the success of your gifting campaigns all within Salesforce, whether it’s Batch Gifting or One-to-One sends. Understand the value of gifting with our ROI Dashboard or by integrating cost and influence data with your existing attribution model.

Celebrate a Milestone

Automate gift sends based on data you have on hand, so you never miss a chance to delight your most important contacts throughout the funnel.

Grease the Webinar Wheels

Send a physical gift when prospects attend a webinar, without having a mailing address on file.

Always Be Closing

Get the deal across the finish line with a thoughtful gift to nudge those late-stage leads.

Fully Customizable

One-size-fits all is great for ponchos, not software. Let us create a solution for you based on your goals and workflows, while also:

Saving time by reducing manual and mental effort
Effortlessly tracking all gifting data within salesforce
Ensuring all brand standards are consistently enforced
Maximizing engagement, delivering the most joy to recipients
Making sure nothing falls through the cracks

More Reasons To Go Brilliant

Cut and Sew Bag
Brilliant Bonus Features

Integrating with Brilliant means you'll gain access to all our impressive bells and whistles - including our sleek Storefront, Preferred Gift, and helpful budgeting, tracking and inventory management tools

Bamboo Tic Tac Toe
Collaborative Campaigns

We won't implement and ghost you. We work with our clients hand in hand to develop integrated campaigns that fully leverage the power of Salesforce.

Custom Socks
Bye Bye Boring

Gifts blending in with the Amazon haul? Never! Let Brilliant create an unforgettable unboxing experience that elevates your gift-giving game and makes you stand out from the rest.

Custom Enamel Pins
Track Budget & ROI

Measure campaign success, simplify budget tracking, and keep tabs on performance metrics with integrated campaign reporting in Brilliant.

Let's make something Brilliant together.

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