Brilliant x Marketo

Supercharge your marketing strategy with impactful gifts and e-gifts, sent directly to your audience, triggered straight from your Marketo flows.

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With the Marketo x Brilliant integration it's easier than ever to target and nurture qualified leads, boost lead-to-revenue opportunities, and execute automated, personalized gifting campaigns across multiple digital channels.

Turbocharge Marketo with Gifting Automations

Make a great first impression

Send high-value leads an introduction gift as soon as they're added to your contacts, and strike while the iron is hot!

Maximize virtual event attendance

Send a physical gift when prospects register for a webinar and drive pipeline growth.

Score big with MQLs

Trigger a gift automatically when a market qualified lead hits a score over a particular threshold.

Example Workflow for Automated Gifting with Marketo

Integrate Brilliant with Marketo to:

Reduce manual effort and save time for sales teams
Engage prospects and win new clients in less time - at scale
Enable follow-ups by adding ‘interesting moments’ into your campaigns
Ensure brand standards are consistently enforced among all teams
Maximize engagement and deliver the most joy to recipients

More Reasons To Go Brilliant

Cut and Sew Bag
Brilliant Bonus Features

Integrating with Brilliant means you’ll gain access to all our impressive bells and whistles–including our sleek Storefront, Preferred Gift, and amazing tracking and inventory notifications.

Bamboo Tic Tac Toe
Collaborative Campaigns

We go beyond simply implementing a solution and then disappearing. We work with our clients hand in hand to develop automated campaigns that fully leverage the power of Marketo.

Custom Socks
Bye Bye Boring

Gifts delivered in a bland Amazon box? Never! Let Brilliant create an unforgettable unboxing experience that elevates your gift-giving game and makes you stand out from the rest.

Custom Enamel Pins
Track Budget & ROI

Measure campaign success, simplify budget tracking, and keep tabs on performance metrics with integrated campaign reporting in Brilliant.

Let's make something Brilliant together.

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