Brilliant Automations for Growth Teams

Amplify your brand and fuel revenue growth with strategic, automated gifting.

Tap into your existing sales and marketing workflows.

Save time, reduce manual life, and optimize your gifting strategy. It's like having the cheat code for stronger customer relationships and turbocharged sales performance.

Brilliant integrates with the tools your sales, marketing, and account management teams use every day.

Cut and Sew Bag

Save yourself hours of manual data shoveling

Cut and Sew Bag

Reduce the risk of human error in data entry

Cut and Sew Bag

Ensure a consistent experience for the recipient

Automations to Help Your Growth Team

Keep it Moving

Encourage prospects to move forward in the sales process by automatically sending a gift to a prospect when they move from the "Qualified Lead" stage to the"Opportunity" stage.

Optimize Your Impact

Analyze metrics like gift redemption rates, conversion rates after receiving a gift, or the overall impact of gifting on customer retention and satisfaction to make data-driven decisions for future gifting

Make it Personal

Leverage your CRM data, including customers' previous purchases or preferences, to send a personalized gift that aligns with their interests, and gets noticed.

Streamline Your Workstream

Automating with Brilliant gives you access to all of our features and functionalities without switching between different tools or interfaces-saving your people tons of time.

Need a hand getting started? Connect with us to see how we can configure gifting automations to your specific CRM.

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