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Brilliant integrates with any HRIS system to seamlessly automate employee gifting. No more messy spreadsheets. No birthday, workiversary, or new hire left behind.

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Fully Integrated = Fully Awesome

Brilliant’s HRIS Integration was purpose-built to quickly, easily and securely plug in to the systems you already use, including Workday, Rippling, Paylocity, BambooHR, ADP and many more.

Reduce your workload and delight employees with oh-so-awesome automated gifting.

Powered by Storefront

Storefront is your custom branded e-commerce site where employees can redeem rewards, shop gift sets, and more.

Paired with full-service warehousing and fulfillment, seamless inventory tracking, and insights management, it’s easy to see why Storefront is the HR MVP.

Delegate the Details to Us

No more wasting time collecting individual addresses and sweatshirt sizes. Our Preferred Gifting platform securely captures and stores your recipients’ info and product preferences, with just an email address, and shares out order status and tracking information directly with your recipients.

More Reasons To Go Brilliant

Set it and Forget it

No need to scramble for a unique gift every time a milestone rolls around. Your Creative Partner can help you build out a gifting campaign upfront, saving you time and energy later.

Increase Engagement

Employees who feel
appreciated are more engaged -- and there’s no better way to show your appreciation than with a thoughtful gift.
We’ve tried singing telegrams... trust us, don’t.

All Love, No Drama

Uh oh. Did Finance get anniversary gifts while IT got nada? Instead of leaving it up to individual managers to celebrate, we’ll help you create a consistent employee experience that everyone will love.

Real Time Insights

Track deliveries, keep tabs on inventory, and manage your budget, all from a single dashboard. No surprises here!

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