A full-service swag solution

Your one stop digital shop for storage and fulfillment.

Get your merch out of that storage room and into the cloud, with our full-service warehousing and fulfillment solution for your branded goods, collateral and gift sets.

Storefront can be easily customized to support a variety of use cases, such as:


House and store all your event swag and gear, from giveaways, to booth setup, apparel, and collateral. Storefront makes it easy to see what’s on hand and stay organized. Request return labels when placing your order to quickly and easily send back equipment and leftover swag for your next activation. No waste here!

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Company Store

Let us help you create a beautiful internal company store where employees can purchase their own branded gear or shop for gifts using credits awarded for birthdays, anniversaries, or any kind of milestone. Integrate with your HRIS platform to automate new hire gifting, or take your employee recognition program to the next level by integrating with Bonusly or Nectar.

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Sales & Marketing

Many teams in your organization are sending gifts to prospects, clients, and leads. Ensure that all gifts with your company name on it meet brand standards, and are up to snuff, with pre-approved, beautifully designed gifts available in your sales and marketing store. Account reps may be given an allowance or budget on a quarterly or annual basis to use for gifting.

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Public Store

Want to sell your company merch to the general public? Storefront makes it easy to get a custom branded shop up and running in no time. We’ll handle the storage, kitting, shipping, and inventory management–with a top notch customer service team already built in, to boot.

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More Storefront features

Run a
tight ship

Track inventory and costs across departments, require order approvals, set budgets, and allocate privileges by user.

View insights &

Get real-time reports on orders placed, receive emails when orders ship, view inventory levels, and track product popularity.

Make it

Easily add personalized note cards, custom packaging, and create a delightful unboxing experience.

Choose your

Your store can include products that are pre-produced and ready to go, on-demand items that are produced when they're ordered, or a combination of both.

“Brilliant helped us bring our internal swag store to life! Thanks to their amazing teamwork, we now have an amazing array of clothes, mugs, bags, and plushies to offer our larger Cruise team. What better way to celebrate welcoming our first public riders?!”


“Brilliant has changed the game on how we procure awesome merchandise and get it in the hands of our prospects and customers. A full life cycle solution with an amazing creative team that are fully dedicated to our operations and success. The newest integration we implemented allows for us to increase sales enablement where our sales team has on demand access to shipping swag to our end customers. An awesome way to increase Suprise and Delight efforts. We love Brilliant!”


“Being able to create all of this amazing swag, see it professionally displayed, and then shop like a real online store, is the true beauty of the Brilliant Storefront. Having inventory like this that is readily available for our staff to browse and buy, makes our brand and our company feel legit. Brilliant is flawless, and I’m a customer for life!”


Case Studies


Company Store

HR tech company Greenhouse gives its team members access to Storefront so they can send out custom gift packages to prospects and clients. Greenhouse also offers select merch for purchase by the general public.Greenhouse worked with Brilliant to curate and design a highly-custom collection of merch that is fun and useful to recipients. The collection includes features like bellybands and collateral, the perfect place to reinforce Greenhouse company values and messaging. Greenhouse also created custom shipping boxes and packing material like fully-branded tape.


Carbon x Adidas Collection

To celebrate their ongoing work with premier client, Adidas, Carbon worked with Brilliant to create a Carbon x Adidas collection. This exciting collection is available to team members, for personal and client gifting, from their company store.

Vector Media

Winter Gift Collection

Each year, Vector Media creates a collection of seasonal merch for their team to give to clients and prospects in-person and at events. Vector developed this on-brand collection of cozy winter essentials with Brilliant, to include tissue boxes, tea sachets, chapsticks and premium soy candles.

Vector leveraged Storefront to store and fulfill product inventory to give their distributed team access to these products from multiple locations and events all over the country.


Brand Launch Pop-up Store

Promoting the launch their new smartphone app, worked with Brilliant to distribute a set of carefully curated branded gifts to social media influencers.

In addition, Brilliant supported the launch of the Store, a public pop-up shop where audiences can order items featured by the influencers.


Team Swag Store

SaaS company Amilia worked with Brilliant to develop a fun variety of branded merchandise for internal and external use. Their Storefront includes several "pre-kitted" gift sets, including VIP boxes for clients and New Hire kits for their team.

Based in Canada, Amilia is able to leverage Brilliant's US-based warehouse for cost-effective distribution within the States.

Got questions? Check out our Storefront FAQ page for answers.

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