Elevating Employee Swag: A Game-Changing Collaboration with Cash App

Cash App, a prominent mobile payment service app company, sought to revolutionize its approach to distributing branded merchandise to employees worldwide. In collaboration with Brilliant, the company aimed to create an engaging and consistent experience across global markets while driving employee engagement and creating a sense of connection among employees. 


Cash App faced several challenges in its endeavor to distribute swag effectively. The company needed a solution that would cater to its diverse global workforce, maintain consistency in branding across different regions, and drive employee engagement. Additionally, Cash App aimed to inject excitement and surprise into its swag offerings to keep employees engaged and prevent inventory stagnation.

“Employees flooded the store the minute it launched, placing 500 orders within the first two days. The entire collection sold out by the end of the week. It’s been an exciting project to work on.”
Tommy Gomez, Account Director at Brilliant.


Brilliant proposed a solution centered around the creation of a bespoke, web-based pop-up store, accessible to employees once a quarter through Brilliant's Storefront solution. This approach allowed Cash App to offer a curated selection of merchandise with a one-of-a-kind retail feel, featuring exclusive, limited-quantity pieces to create an element of surprise and panache for employees. Brilliant's approach led with universal staples like hoodies, socks, and hats, garnished with a few fun unique items at lower quantities, dubbed “The Vintage Line.” The product selection was carefully curated to appeal to diverse tastes and preferences, with subtle branding that emphasized a retail experience over loud logos.


The implementation of the pop-up store concept yielded remarkable results for Cash App. Employee participation exceeded expectations, with the store receiving an overwhelming response upon launch. Within the first two days, 500 orders were placed, leading to the complete sell-out of the entire collection by the end of the week. Subsequent launches continued to see success, with collective sales surpassing $250,000. The project demonstrated the effectiveness of collaboration between Cash App and Brilliant in redefining employee swag distribution and driving brand engagement.

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