All the things you need for your next event

Whether your next event is a company offsite or a conference for tens of thousands, Brilliant can help bring it to life with all of the physical stuff you'd need - from booths to gifts and the software and fulfillment to make it all happen with a few clicks of your mouse.

Brilliant is an Extension of Your Event Team

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Booths, banners, badges, beverage napkins . . .we've got you covered

While attendees can think swag is the star of the event, we know that there are a lot of physical things that need to be made to make the event a success. Brilliant acts as an extension of your events team to produce eye-catching booths and event collateral and yes, also crazy memorable giveaways that will ensure your brand continues to make an impact after the closing keynote.

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Desk Kit
event platform

Gifting made simple for your next event

Brilliant’s Preferred Gift tool makes it so easy to send gifts to event attendees. Capture the mailing address of your booth visitor, the sweatshirt size for a room drop, or give your team a choice in their offsite welcome gift. Each Preferred Gift page is customized for each project and features tracking tools so you can get the most out of your budget and ensure each physical component of your event is generating an ROI.

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storage and fulfillment

Our clients love having their marketing event stores powered by Brilliant.

Brilliant will create your event products, store them in our warehouse, and build an e-commerce store for your marketing events team to use to "shop" for each upcoming event. We can ship orders with return labels so that your re-usable event materials and unused swag can be returned and reused. And there are no re-stocking fees!

✓ Dedicated customer support
✓ Economical global shipping
✓ Designated delivery date
✓ Seamless customs clearance

✓ Real time inventory tracking
✓ Budget tools to keep finance happy
✓ Order tracking
✓ Super simple re-orders

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