We’ve built the best set of technology-based tools to make branded merch and corporate gifting projects easy, impactful, and measurable.



Get your branded merch out of the storage closet and into our warehouse

"Cloud” Storage

We’ll securely store your branded products for you in our global warehouse facilities.

Fulfilled, on-demand

With just a few clicks, we fulfill your merch to recipients, events and locations anywhere around the world.

Real-time Inventory 24/7

View real-time inventory data; we’ll let you know when you’re running low and make it easy to reorder.

Team Controls

Team permissions, approvals, budgets, reporting and more. Delegate control to your team and check another to-do off your list.

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Connect the tools you use everyday to Brilliant for powerful visibility and access to your swag


Get instant notifications when your shipments are delivered, so you’ll always know where your merch is without leaving Slack

Brilliant for Salesforce

Enable sales teams to send curated merch and gifts to leads and clients without changing their workflow, so it’ll get done, and get done right!


Single sign-on with Okta so you can manage team access to merch and gifts alongside other essential company software and services

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Give your recipients a gift they want, wherever they are

Collect your gift recipients' preferences, like size, color and address information, with just an email address.

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Engage your prospects and clients with timely, curated gifts and branded merch, without ever leaving Salesforce.

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Cut through the digital clutter

A well-executed physical gift helps move leads through the funnel, close deals, increase retention and strengthen relationships.

Curated gifts with carefully-crafted messaging

Work with Brilliant to offer your sales team a selection of curated gifts, branded merch, collateral and custom packaging, to maximize impact and ROI.

Seamless Salesforce integration

Our proprietary Salesforce integration makes it easy for your team to send gifts, track status, prompt follow-ups, and understand relevant metrics.

Team Controls

Brilliant can help you define success, and design tests to help you measure and maximize it through gift campaigns — ask us how!

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Perfect swag, no problem: let your teams select and produce from a pre-approved catalog of branded products.

The ideal solution for brand leads, marketing heads and other creative shepherds who want to control the output without all the back-and-forth.

Respect the brand

Curate, sample and pre-approve every option in advance to ensure all your swag is on brand and up to par!

Maintain control

Leave product selection and design to the experts (you!) — no more distorted logos or strange product choices made by swag novices that you hear about after it’s too late

No inventory worries

Procure swag as teams need it and have it shipped anywhere in the world. No more central budget risk, and you’ll never have more than you need.

Control costs and manage budgets

Pre-approved prices, with optional spending budgets and manager approval, so you’ll be sure teams get good value without getting involved with each order.

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Desk Kit
Custom Lookbook

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll do the rest. Our team will curate a beautiful catalog of options just for your brand.

Don't know what you want? Don't worry!
We'll help you find the perfect thing.

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