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8 Ideas to Boost Your Team's Mojo (Dojo Casa House Not Included)

Recognizing your employees’ great work doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, and honestly, you can’t afford to not do it. Team members that don’t feel the love will have lower productivity, higher turnover, and are at least 752% more likely to write scathing Glassdoor reviews.

1. Virtual Shout-Out Boards

Put your employees on blast in the best way possible. A virtual shout-out board is the perfect way to highlight achievements in real-time. Whether it's a dedicated Slack channel or a company-wide bulletin board, give team members an easy way to celebrate each other's successes, big or small. It's a constant reminder of the positive impact each employee has on the team.

2. Personalized Appreciation Packs

A good gift says, “We see your hard work!” A great gift says, “We see you!” But anyone who has ever tried to collect a simple t-shirt size from every team member knows that personalizing gifts doesn’t always come easy. At Brilliant, we’re all about our not-so-secret shortcut to customization — let them choose! Not only is it easier on you, it tells your team their individual preferences are valued, and makes it more likely they’ll get a gift they genuinely treasure.

3. Pet Day

Brace yourself for the audible gasps! For the animal lovers in your team, organize a pet day where employees can bring their furry (or scaly!) friends to work. It's a delightful break from the routine that not only recognizes the pet parents on your team but also brings a dose of joy and cuteness to everyone in the workplace. Make your four-legged friends feel like a real part of the team with a customized rope leash or jaunty branded bandana!

4. Surprise Desk Makeovers

Who doesn't love a workspace glow-up? Surprise your employees with an ambience-enhancing, branded desk makeover to celebrate milestones like work anniversaries, birthdays or new hires.  Include Insta-worthy accessories, the latest in ergonomic technology, or even a new plant buddy to literally bring their home away from home to life. Plus, when you make their work environment truly shine, that lingering sparkle will serve as a daily reminder that you care about their comfort and happiness.

5. Virtual Awards Ceremonies

You don’t need to roll out a red carpet to get in on the awards season hype. Host a virtual awards ceremony that celebrates a range of achievements, from the "Most Creative Problem Solver" to the "Best Use of Reaction GIFs on Teams." Make it fun, heartwarming, hilarious, or any vibe that reflects your organization and the amazing people in it.

6. Feature Fridays

On Fridays we share fun facts. Dedicate Fridays (or any day that suits your team) to highlighting one employee's interests, hobbies, or fun facts about them. Share it through a company newsletter, a special segment in team meetings, or on your company's social media platforms. It's a fantastic way to showcase the diverse talents and personalities on your team.

7. Wellness Kits

Show your employees you care about their self care. Recognize your team’s hard work by treating them to a box of spa-like delights. A covetable candle, name-brand leisure wear, or a delicious craft cocktail kit. Paired with a day off to recharge and refresh, you can make this gift a reminder of how much you value their wellbeing.  

8. Innovation Challenges

Take the suggestion box up a notch. Challenge employees to pitch their ideas for new projects, processes, or products, then reward the best ideas with a combination of recognition and support to bring the idea to life. Organizing an innovation challenge doesn’t just build on your culture of recognition, it fosters a culture of innovation and creativity, too. This one really is a win for everyone. 

Now, where to start? Might we suggest thanking… yourself! Getting inspired is no small feat so make sure you give yourself some props for putting that thinking cap on. No matter how you decide to amp up the appreciation for your team members, the team here at Brilliant is ready to make the gift-giving side of things as easy peasy as possible. From selecting the most swoon-worthy items to all the boring stuff you don’t want to do gathering recipient information, with Brilliant, no detail is left un-sparkled.

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