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Send the Corporate Gifts That Keep on Giving: More Gifts!

Sometimes it seems as if bears have it right: spend spring and summer feasting and frolicking, then crawl into bed for a long winter nap. 

Since sleeping through winter’s not a viable option for (most) humans, we have to do what we can to make it to spring. And with all that cold grayness outdoors, winter’s the right time to spread some indoor sunshine – with the warm glow of corporate gifting.

There are many reasons to celebrate and/or send gifts to employees, clients, and prospects in 2024, from the OGs (Groundhog's and Valentine’s Day) to some lesser-known standouts: including International Self-Care Day (yes, please!), Random Acts of Kindness Day (you’re welcome), World Music Therapy Day (🎶), and Employee Appreciation Day (which should be every day, obvi). 

Employee Appreciation Day (March 1)

If ever there were a reason to give thanks or show recognition to the folks who work with you, Employee Appreciation Day is the obvious choice. You can help make them feel valued with customized surprises, from cozy joggers and fleeces to a soft (company) T-shirt or Nike shoes. The gifting options are endless – and are never limited to just one day!

Groundhog  Day (Feb 2)

He’s no perfect prognosticator, but if Punxatawny Phil calls for eight more weeks of winter, there’s a cozy antidote: OHOM Ui Ceramic Mug, which allows you to set an exact drinking temperature so your hot toddy’s never too hot or too cold. Bonus points for its coaster, which is its very own charging station. 

World Music Therapy Day (March 1)

Research shows that listening to music is good for you: among other attributes, it can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality and mood. If you don’t think you can write a hit song for the ages, consider giving the gift of (other people’s) music. Whether it’s branded portable speakers or the headphones everyone’s wearing, music always fits the bill and fills the heart.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 24)

What better way to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness day than with a random act of kindness? Even the smallest act of kindness can have an outsized impact on its recipient, whether it’s a travel blanket or water bottle or a pair of warm slippers, giving is just as nice as receiving!

Whatever the occasion, whenever the day, whomever the recipient, Brilliant has your corporate gifts covered  – or even blanketed – in the embrace of giving.

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