Project Recaps

Solving the Puzzle of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting for humans: it’s not just our tagline. We know the right gift can strengthen connections, create memorable moments and, above all, make people happy. When launching Brilliant’s new tagline, we took the opportunity to show people just how impactful gifting can be, with interactive surprises and the chance to pay it forward.

Putting the Pieces Together

In eye-catching custom packaging, the gift included a custom paint by numbers kit, insulated water bottle, puffy pouch, and enamel emoji pins. Also included: the world’s first-ever interactive gift riddle. People who solved the riddle could nominate a friend or colleague to receive the same package, generating new referrals for Brilliant and more delight for our clients and their contacts. We even included a literal thinking cap: a vintage-wash hat embroidered “Mastermind.”

A Perfect Fit

In the end, over 50 of our recipients ‘gifted-it-forward’ and the positivity and glowing feedback from the gifts made us downright blush. Most importantly, we were thrilled by the opportunity to spread our love of gifting far and wide, and meet so many new faces who share our excitement around creative, memorable gifts.

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