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Spotify Star Wars Day

The Force is Strong with Spotify

In honor of National Star Wars Day on May 4th, digital music service Spotify partnered with Brilliant to create employee gifts as unique as the holiday itself. Employees received Star Wars-inspired breakfast kits to celebrate the day in style.

Style from a Galaxy Far Away

From the holographic packaging to the sparkly pancake syrup, every detail helped create an immersive, out-of-this-world experience. Spotify’s team took a trip to the Dark Side with drinking glasses and ice cube molds both featuring Darth Vader. Pancake molds in the shape of four classic Star Wars characters arrived alongside a Stormtrooper-shaped spatula, plus pancake mix from woman-owned company Josie’s Best.

Do or Do Not – There Is No Try

Spotify is big on employee recognition and frequently sends out swag, so it’s crucial to avoid being repetitive or predictable. For this intergalactic event, the focus was on unique and memorable gifts, and Brilliant delivered. Beyond the breakfast goodies, each recipient got a lightsaber!

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