Project Recaps

Uber Reimagine Awards

Project Overview

The Reimagine Awards was a comprehensive, global company-wide event hosted by Uber to celebrate and honor individuals and teams who exemplified Uber's core values and made a significant positive impact on the business.

Project Objectives

- To recognize and reward Uber employees who demonstrated Uber's core values.

- To create a memorable experience that fosters a connection between award recipients and their recognition items.

- To successfully distribute custom gifts to recipients attending both in-person and virtually.

Project Details

The Reimagine Awards aimed to acknowledge and appreciate Uber employees who embodied the company's core values. The event spanned a week and incorporated both in-person and virtual elements to accommodate the global audience. A major highlight was the thoughtful selection of recognition items tailored to different award categories.

Target Audience

Award recipients included Uber employees from around the world who were recognized for living Uber's core values. Some recipients attended the in-person event held in San Francisco, while others joined virtually. This diverse group encompassed both semi-finalists and winners.

Products Gifted

- Semi-Finalists: Crewneck sweatshirts and caps.

- Finalists: Crewneck sweatshirts, caps and a Fellow Carter Move Tumbler.

- Winners: L.L. Bean Fleece Full-Zip Jacket, custom backpack, Fellow Carter Move Tumbler, Beats Studio Earbuds, and customized Trophyology Awards.

- Core Team + Show Crew: Custom Spirit Jerseys.

- Gift Packaging: Eco-friendly mailer boxes, recycled notecards with custom recipient variables, and eco-friendly custom-printed packing tape.


A total of 525 products were distributed, organized into 124 gift sets. Winner prizes were hand-delivered to recipients at the awards show in San Francisco, ensuring a personal touch. For those unable to attend the show, kits were prepared and fulfilled from the Uber warehouse, allowing for global shipping. Core Team and Show Crew items were distributed in-person on the day of the show.

Results and Achievements

The Reimagine Awards event spanned a week, during which semi-finalists, finalists, and winners had the opportunity to utilize their gifts. This approach went beyond traditional trophy-giving by establishing a meaningful connection between the recipients and their recognition items. By fostering this connection, the campaign aimed to ensure that its impact would continue to resonate long after the event concluded. The project successfully celebrated the exceptional contributions of Uber employees and strengthened their connection to the company's core values.

Overall, The Reimagine Awards effectively combined recognition with thoughtful, tangible gifts, resulting in a memorable and impactful experience for the award recipients. The campaign demonstrated that recognizing and rewarding individuals for their dedication and alignment with company values can have a lasting, positive effect on both the recipients and the organization as a whole.

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