Fulfillment and Storage Terms

Brilliant offers a variety of fulfillment and storage services through our fulfillment centers (“Fulfillment Services”). Should you choose to utilize our Fulfillment Services, these terms will apply in combination with our Terms of Service (“Terms”).

Brilliant offers fulfillment and storage servicesto our clients for gift products, swag and other merchandise purchased from Brilliant (“Brilliant Merchandise”).

Outside Merchandise

On rare occasions, Brilliant will accept shipments of merchandise not purchased from Brilliant (“Outside Merchandise”). Brilliant Merchandise and Outside Merchandise constitute “Merchandise”.

Client will not send Outside Merchandise to Brilliant without prior approval. Under no circumstances will Client send any live animals, chemicals, explosives, hazardous materials, or any other items that may be considered harmful, illegal or a violation of applicable laws, regulations or policies of common carriers. Client will be solely responsible for all taxes, duties, tariffs and other similar charges related to the sending, storage, use and/or sale of Outside Merchandise, and any costs incurred by Brilliant out of Client’s failure to comply with this section. The cost for intake, storage and fulfillment of Outside Merchandise will be determined on a case-by-case basis as is mutually agreeable.

Unusual Merchandise and Special Handling

On occasion, some types of Merchandise have unusual qualities and therefore require special attention and storage needs ("Special Handling" items, formerly referred to as "Unusual Merchandise"), and therefore require special pricing (for example, very large items, items of very high value, or items that require special quality checks). We will let you know if an item you are interested in storing is considered Special Handling and provide you with specific rates for services related to that item.


We will store your Merchandise and ship it, upon your request, directly to the location of your choice. While we are often able to tender your Physical Merchandise to a shipping carrier on the same or next business day, in all cases, Brilliant will make commercially reasonable efforts to tender your Physical Merchandise within 5 business days of receiving your request and will notify you if we are unable to do so.

Fulfillment costs can include, but are not limited to, Pick & Pack fees, Add-Ons and Special Handling.

Current pricing for our Fulfillment Services are listed on our Pricing Page. Pricing is subject to change from time to time. Brilliant will notify Client in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance of any pricing changes.


Our standard storage fee is 1% of the retail value of your Merchandise in our facilities, charged each month, based on theMerchandise physically present in our facility on the first business day of the month.


Brilliant will use a variety of shipping partners, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and local couriers, to most efficiently ship Merchandise to your requested destinations.

We will bill shipping charges to you after shipment occurs. We will also bill you for any applicable sales tax, VAT, customs fees andduties, as well as any carrier service fees or shipping insurance charges incurred.

Cross-border shipping. Brilliant will attempt to ship all cross-border packages with VAT, customs and duties “prepaid” (“DDP”) to reduce shipping delays and confusion. Note that we are not always able to bill or estimate VAT, customs and duties in advance, and we must sometimes bill these charges back to you after receiving invoices from our shipping partners.

Regulatory Limitations. Shipments are subject to all local regulatory and import limitations. Sometimes this impacts which types of merchandise can be shipped to which destinations via which shipping methods. Whenever feasible, we will advise you in advance of these limitations. However, Client acknowledges that regulations can vary significantly by jurisdiction and change regularly, so advance notice is not always possible.

Carrier Service Fees. Most shipping carriers assess fees for address corrections, forwarding and other similar circumstances. Client will be responsible for any of these charges that are incurred.

Time-sensitive Orders and Delivery Times. Brilliant will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your order is transferred to the shipping carrier by the date and time required so that it can be delivered to your location on time. Both parties agree that Brilliant is not responsible for delivery delays caused by the shipping carrier, or other third parties including local customs agencies, once your order has been transferred to that carrier, as such delays are completely outside of our control.

Shipping Insurance. Please inform Brilliant at the time you request a shipment if you would like Brilliant to purchase insurance for losses caused by the shipping carrier.

Ownership, Risk of Loss

You are, and will remain at all times, the sole owner of your Merchandise. If you purchase Merchandise from Brilliant, title to your Merchandise shall pass to you when it arrives at our fulfillment center.

If, while still in Brilliant’s possession and control and prior to transfer to a shipping carrier, your Merchandise, is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, or unaccounted for solely due to the grossly negligent or willful acts of Brilliant or any of its personnel (“Lost Merchandise”) we will replace the Lost Merchandise or reimburse you for the reasonable replacement cost of the Lost Merchandise, in our sole discretion. You may wish to purchase insurance for losses not covered by these Terms.

Brilliant shall be permitted a reasonable shortage allowance for any Merchandise, of which shortage allowance shall not fall below one percent (1%) of inventory.

International Fulfillment Centers

Brilliant offers fulfillment from many regions outside of the US through fully-integrated partnerships with carefully-vetted local fulfillment centers (“International Fulfillment Centers”). Due to significant regional differences, our fulfillment services pricing may differ. International Fulfillment Center pricing is available here.


 In the event that the Agreement is terminated, Client will provide Brilliant with directions for shipping Client’s Merchandise within 30 days (“Shipping Period”). Brilliant will invoice you for any costs associated with shipping Client’s Merchandise after shipment is complete. If you have not directed us to ship any or all of your Physical Merchandise within the Shipping Period, your Physical Merchandise will be considered abandoned and we may dispose of it in our sole discretion.